Perfectly Aligned

Gone are the days of chalked string, plumb bobs, pencil lines scribbled on walls, or the old faithful ‘guessing’… decorating is now a technologically equipped profession;

I have, for years now , been using a Leica Lino L2 self levelling laser. It is, in fact, my most precious piece of wallpaper hanging kit. Not only does it produce an easily viewed cross-hair, a 90 degree angle, have a 15 metre range, and (when locked) project any angle onto a surface… more importantly, it also gives me, and my clients, peace of mind that every drop of wallpaper hung is 100% accurate and in place.

The first time that I used the Lino 2 was on a hall stairs and landing project in Ealing, London; hanging Sanderson wallpaper on drops over 25 feet in length. The Lino 2 produced a pin sharp line with incredible accuracy. The whole experience left me wondering how I ever managed without it.

I can’t recommend this Leica product highly enough. For further information please visit


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