Antiqued Dressing Table

The images below show the progression of a dressing table that a Swiss client of mine asked me to “antique”, in the style of Roche Bobois furniture. The base unit is bespoke James Mayor Furniture MDF and Tulip. It was delivered to me in a primed state (Mylands).

1. Degrease the dressing table with “Krud Kutter – Original”, to remove any grease or dirt from the manufacturing process, or delivery. Prepare the surfaces to be painted with Mirka Ceros sander with Mirka 915 Dust Extraction unit – minimising dust in the atmosphere and providing a “perfect” surface to take the first coat of paint that I apply; Little Greene Paint Company Oil Based Primer & Undercoat in White.

2. Prepare the Undercoated surface again with P600 Abranet sanding disk. Remove any surface dust with vacuum followed by a damp Mirka “Blue” Polarshine cloth – then dry Mirka “Yellow” cloth. Apply single coat of Little Greene Paint Company Oil Based Eggshell.

3. Again, sand (as above) and apply second coat of Oil Based Eggshell.

4. On areas specified by client, apply coat of Oil Based Eggshell for detail.

5. Apply an “antiqued” effect to entire table; over paint white sections with mixed Oil Based Eggshell and wipe off, sand edges to reveal bare wood, push mixed colour into corners – giving an overall feeling of grime and age.

My client is yet to see the finished effect, in the flesh. Photographs are emailed each day to their home in Switzerland, to show the transformation of the table from James Mayor’s initial drawings, into a piece of statement furniture; fit for any sophisticated interior.


1 thought on “Antiqued Dressing Table

  1. Andy Crichton

    You certainly gave that the treatment. I like that. Plus from a technical point of view, a brilliant mix of old school and modern approaches. Mirka have a lot to offer high end decorators.


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