Lincrusta Images

I stumbled across some images that I thought that I had lost, the other day. The first is of me working on the Lincrusta stand at the Heimtex Exhibition in Frankfurt. All of the decorative paint effects that you see here are mine and the stand decoration – in particular, the black and white subtraction effect on Italian Renaissance got an “Actually… that’s bloody nice!” from Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen as he walked by, then, he stopped for a chat with me. Unfortunately, most of these boards were stolen from the stand overnight! Thieves with good taste, at least, I guess!?!?


The following paint effects on Lincrusta – Italian Renaissance, produced for Lincrusta whilst I was working in Guangzhou, China. More of my paint effects can be seen at Lincrusta’s website;

Although these effects might not be to everyone’s “cup of tea”, they do show the versatility of Lincrusta as a wall covering and how colour and pattern change the whole proposition.


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