Template, Template, Template

Thought it might be a good idea to mention something that I have found to be vital when hanging Lincrusta – the template.
As you can see from the image above, whenever you come across an area where you do not have a straight cut, it is always necessary to make a template. Here we find a skirting at the top of the stairs that feeds into another (I’m sure there must be a technical name for it). I created a template from the box that the product was supplied in – it’s the correct size! measuring and then remeasuring… as the old saying goes; measure twice cut once, with Lincrusta it is sometimes necessary to measure thrice!
Also, I installed the dado rail supplied with the Edwardian Dado panels, to the skirting top edge. This was to increase the height of the product for the staircase drops – unconventional, but it worked, and looked great.
PS. The terrible paintwork on the skirting is nothing to do with me!

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