Surrey Study

My brief, for this recent project in Oxshott, Surrey, was to flow two fine wallcoverings around a newly installed bespoke leather covered. glass cabinet and shelving system, within the downstairs study of a substantial, Georgian styled, newly built property.
The room had already been decorated, but, the area where the new furniture had been sited had not been treated… doubly tricky. My task was not only to decorate the area around the furniture, but, also follow on from where the previous Decorator had left off – something that not many of us relish!
The papers too were a challenge; a metallic Donghia “Looks Like Metal” specialist wallcovering and a Romo – Laurito, W319/01 black flock paper… a stunning combination. Not the easiest choices from a Decorator’s view point either, I have to say!
Both coverings require much care and were installed using Halls Beeline Wheat Based Adhesive, designed for hand printed and flock papers. It was crucial not to allow paste onto the printed surface of either paper. (Taking extra care not to mark the leather surface of the furniture also).
With time and patience, both papers were hung without issue, to both my clients and client’s Interior Designers satisfaction.
A fantastic project that I am proud of – the brief may sound simple, but the effort involved to execute the project was quite substantial.

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