Larsen Backdrop


Below are a number of images illustrating a recent wallpaper hanging project in Warwick. My client asked me to install 12 rolls of Larsen Walls Book II: Backdrop (Flax), in her 1980’s detached home. The walls, typically, were not in the best of shape and mightily out-of-true on all external angles.

The walls were prepared with my Mirka CEROS virtually dust free sanding system and lined with MAV Wallrock 55 Fibreliner lining paper.

The fine wallpaper – a contract width – was then hung over. The paper supposedly has a pattern match, however, I was advised by Colefax & Fowler, the supplier,  that they recommend hanging it “Freematch” and rotating each drop by 180 degrees to avoid any visual discrepancy… this is how they have it installed in their showrooms.


The final image shows an example of the technique that I use for window reveals… particularly effective (and difficult) with this pattern.

This project took three days to complete.




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