This is how we roll… Jumbo-Koter JR.


I thought that perhaps it was time that I gave a brief  shout out about the fab Wooster Jumbo-Koter JR.; pictured above with a Micro Plush 115mm x 7mm sleeve.


Lightweight; using it all day, every day, is a delight – no arm strain or issues gripping. Compact; being small means that it is easy to get into ‘hard to reach’ areas. The Wooster sleeves are a dream, depending on pile, gives a super fine finish. Loading ability of sleeves is exceptional.


Being of a 100% plastic construction, the arm is prone to snapping when ‘excessive’ pressure is applied. It is not compatible (from my view point) with the Wooster Pelican Kettle – It would be nice to see  a lip put onto the handle so that it is possible to ‘hang’ it on the Pelican (or any other paint/roller kettle).


If you are looking for a small, lightweight roller that has an array of quality sleeves to fit it, I would strongly recommend the Jumbo-Koter JR. From my perspective, when painting kitchens and furniture, it is a true hero product. However, if you require a mini roller that is a little more robust, take a look at the Wooster Jumbo-Koter, with it’s metal arm and extra smooth rolling action and the ability to ‘hang’ it on the Pelican kettle, make it a joy to use.

I bought mine from Decorating Direct; the Customer Service was great and the prices seemed to be about right.



2 thoughts on “This is how we roll… Jumbo-Koter JR.

    1. mjguestltdblog Post author

      Hello Mr Budd, Jumbo-Koter is a great piece of kit… along with the Wooster sleeves, of course! The way I got around the ‘lip’ problem is to hang it over the side – not ideal, but, ‘it does’.

      Thanks for the comment – keep ’em coming!


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