Corona Kingston – Review


Today, my brush of choice has been the 2″ Corona Kingston, 100% Chinex filament (pictured above). As you can see, it has a classic beaver tail rolled wooden handle.

So, how did I use it?… I applied 2 coats of Farrow & Ball Primer and Undercoat followed by 2 coats of Farrow & Ball Eggshell – both waterborne, of course, to the interior of two wooden sash windows, a cast iron Victorian fireplace, 60 feet of 5″ skirting and a door surround.

The brush, I can honestly say, was a delight to use; it is beautifully balanced and is lightweight in the hand, which is a big deal to me – when a brush is used continually for 8 – 10 hours a day, the wrong weighting can make the task of painting quite an arduous one.

Cutting in was razor sharp – although, today, that was not a major aspect of my project.

As to the finish, I purposely did not include any conditioner into the paint that I used today, so as to see how the brush performed with “neat” paint rather than giving a false result from the addition of Floetrol or Zamix. The finish that the Kingston delivered was supreme, flat and brush mark free.

Any negatives? Perhaps just a couple of observations; the first – although the manufacturers guarantee against filament loss, I did notice a couple of filaments had work themselves loose onto the painted surface. The second; the trim of the brush seemed a little low to me – I can see why Corona have done it – to take the weight out of the top of the brush, but, some of the filaments were trimmed by 1/3rd… making the filaments splay out at times. Both minor comments and not at all detrimental to this fantastic brush, overall.

I can see the Corona 2″ Kingston becoming my “that” brush… the brush that seems to just work in all situations, it really is a joy to use. Highly recommended.


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