BeeGee Brushes

I must admit, right from the very start, to a little prior knowledge of BeeGee Brushes… in fact, I have known the Goddard family (it’s a small family owned Company) all of my life; Wilf was always a big scary man when I was a young lad and his three sons all fantastic Cricketers and all round Sportsmen, his wife Ann was, if I remember correctly one of my school dinner ladies (sorry Ann, if I am wrong there!?)… she now on occasion, answers the phone at BeeGee Brushes; always a welcoming tone!

My involvement with BeeGee Brushes continued into my University years, when I would sometimes work at the factory during summer breaks. Richard; Wilf and Ann’s oldest son, now also works alongside his Dad producing handmade bristle brushes on the trading estate opposite the L G Harris facility.

Years have since passed, but, there has always been a place in my heart for BeeGee Brushes… recently, I have been in touch with Wilf and Richard to talk about reviewing some of their fantastic range;

They are the only British bristle brush manufacturer left, a reason in itself to support them! But, when you look at the quality and variety of their output, sentimentality soon gets surpassed by professional delight. The range is extensive; bristle brushes for the DIY market right through to Special Effect brushes.


Looking at the former, lets face facts; their DIY bristle brush isn’t going to compete with the likes of a Picasso or a Purdy, but, it doesn’t need to, it is a sturdy, well constructed, useable brush that is inexpensive and definitely has it’s place in the brush box. The later, oh my!, beautiful softeners, stipplers, floggers of all sizes – top quality… (Shhhhhh!) BeeGee Brushes actually make for the big boys; if you are worth your salt, you probably already own some of their brushes without even realising!!!

I’m going to be reviewing BeeGee Brushes over the coming months… take a look at their website; Then, re-look, yes, your eyes don’t deceive you… they are actually the correct prices, and yes… they do include delivery!!!

Go on, do your bit for the British economy, buy British and buy the Best.


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