Bespoke Oxford

Sometimes, it’s worth a four hour round trip, each day, to hand paint quality bespoke furniture – especially when you are made so very welcome by your clients;

James Mayor Furniture manufactured and installed several pieces of high quality furniture, made to millimetre-perfect precision. My role was to hand-paint them to my clients colour specifications.

My paint of choice – as is customary these days – was Tikkurila; I used either Otex or Feelings Primers and top coated with Feelings Furniture Paint – tinted to 100% accuracy by Holmans Specialist Paints.

The list of furniture to paint was quite extensive; a long run of 3 double wardrobes with double cupboards at each end, a break fronted double wardrobe, a bedroom bookcase, an en suite vanity unit, a bathroom vanity unit, a “banquette” (a kitchen unit comprising of a bookshelf and seating area), 2 cupboards with integrated area for speakers, a run of 2 double wardrobes, a study bookcase and an ‘L’ shaped bookcase. Additionally, my clients also asked me to install wallpaper onto two feature wall areas;












As you can see, not a small project by any stretch of the imagination… my time spent in Oxford, working upon these projects, was extremely happy; a beautiful home and location, a very warm welcome and excellent coffee made for the best of results.

For further examples of my hand painted furniture, please visit;


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