Orange Velvet Brush Roller


You may have seen from a tweet that I posted this week (you should follow me @Mjguestltd, if you don’t already!). I have been speaking with Roll Roy of Hull, “Specialist in painting tools”.

For folks that are uninitiated in Roll Roy; they are “a Dutch manufacturer/supplier for a wide range of painting tools for industrial, professional and DIY markets.”

Speaking with Kevin there, we soon got onto the subject of the quality of “Flock” rollers – he was keen that I should try there Orange Velvet Brush Roller – pictured above. Apparently, they were the inventor of this technology.

The following day, I received samples and a comprehensive catalogue of the brands that Roll Roy supply, including Beissier and Go!Paint amongst others.

Today, I have had the pleasure of testing the the roller; firstly, straight from the pack, there is very little shedding – if you rub vigorously it is possible to see glints of orange on you palm… this was remedied with a good rinse and the roller was good to go.

As “flock” rollers are primary intended to be used with water borne paints, I used it with Tikkurila Feelings Furniture Paint, with a splash of Floetrol conditioner. The project that I was using as a test piece was a Kitchen Repaint.

The damp, new roller, behaved well in loading. The paint was held in a Wooster Pelican kettle and the mini roller fitted perfectly within the allotted area.

Paint application was fast, and the finish was very fine indeed (little orange peeling). The only “negative” comment that I could make about its performance was that I felt that it tended to pull a little to the side… now, this easily could have been me and not the roller – just an observation.

I would highly recommend using this roller if you are looking for a flat, easy application and finish… it worked very well on a Hand Painted Kitchen.

For more information about my Hand Painted Kitchens and Furniture, please visit or


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