My Top Ten – Kit

I have been thinking about how much great kit there is out there at the moment for the Professional Painter & Decorator – products that help us to do what we do more effectively, more efficiently and therefore more profitably.

I’ve put together my personal Top Ten list of products that help me on a daily basis do what I do. In no particular order;

Mirka Ceros – 4000 – 10000 rpm, 150mm sander. Great on walls, ceilings, woodwork. A fantastic sander when teamed with backing pads and Abranet or Abralon… couldn’t function without it. When teamed with the Mirka 915 Extractor it turns sanding into a real pleasure.

Mirka 915 Extractor – Variable speed/suction with autostart facility – a little bulky, but I always have trouble wrestling it away from my clients! Better for my clients (less/no dust), better for my working environment (less/no dust), better for my health (less/no dust). Both my Festool and Ceros attach to it with ease.

Mirka Abranet – Velcro backed, P40 (Abranet HD) – P1000 grades, used as part of my dust-free system and also as a stand alone with a Mirka foam handy and more recently with a Handi-Pad. A cracking innovation in “sandpaper” technology.

Festool Rotex RO90 DX– A mega powerful sander, used with either it’s 90mm orbital attachment or with a triangular detail base. A truly great sander that works and works and works. I use it with Abranet as part of my dust-free sanding system; clears paint at a rate of knots!

Olfa Knives & Blades – In my opinion, the only knives and blades to even consider using… they are sharper than any other and stay sharper for longer – what more is there to say; oh yes, the range of knives means that there is always a knife/blade combo that will work for me in what ever situation arises – from lining paper to Lincrusta.

Leica Lino L2 – Self levelling laser level. Gone are the days of chalk lines for me… once a client see me using this, they can be sure that everything I do is perfectly aligned. Additionally, creates a highly visible single line or cross which can be locked for ceilings or staircases etc.

Owatrol/Floetrol – Paint is never ready to use straight from the tin. Owatrol additives and conditioners make paint behave the way I need it to, allowing me to deliver a flawless finish. Owatrol Oil for oil based paints, Floetrol for waterborne.

Wooster Pelican – For furniture painting I simply have not found a better paint kettle. It’s size and scale for me is just right. I can hang my mini roller frames securely on it, I can attach my brush to it via a magnet. It holds a decent amount of paint… it just works. It allows me to move around my project easily and safely without the risk of spillage.

*Proform Picasso – I have never achieved a cleaner cut than I have with a Picasso, for that alone, I have included them on my list.

Otterbox Defender – I use an iPhone 5 and before that a 4, I have now used the Otterbox Defender phone case for around 3 years. It keeps my phone clean, protected and most importantly for a small business; WORKING!

Of course, this list could go on; I haven’t mentioned the fabulous Axus Shears, my failsafe Purdy Dale Elite brushes or the exceptional range of Tikkurila paints. I just have to put a full stop somewhere. I’m sure that I have missed a hero product or two off my list and will realise only once I’ve published this.

Happy Painting & Decorating…


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