Prestonett Fillers – A Review

IMG_1629I was given a selection of Prestonett fillers to trial about a month ago… usually, I’m a strong devotee of Toupret Fillers, particularly TX110 – I use it on all of my bespoke hand-painted cabinetry for pin holes and any surface ‘issues’.

I was contacted by Beissier, the manufacturer of Prestonett; Beissier are a manufacturer of powder fillers & spray plasters and are new to the UK market. At the moment they are launching a compact range, but no doubt will expand, once UK decorators see just how good their products are – you can see from the above image that I’m going to be kept busy!

I’ve now trialled 3 of the Prestonett range; the Interior Multipurpose Powder Filler, the Ready Mixed Interior/Exterior Filler and the Ready Mixed Lightweight Filler;


I trialled the *Interior Multipurpose Powder Filler and *Ready Mixed Lightweight Filler on a Cameoid restoration project in Liverpool… I used the Multipurpose on the deeper joints and the Lightweight on surface deviations. Both were a joy to use – the Multipurpose mixed easily and was extremely free flowing (of course, this depends upon your own preference of water content). I’d heard a few concerns from other Decorators that the drying times were quite lengthy (from them reading the box information); I’m happy to report that, for my project the Multipurpose Filler at a depth of around 3-4mm and a maximum width of 1mm dried in around one hour. I used Mirka Mirlon Total to finish (see above image) and Mirka Abranet P320 with my dust-free sanding system. Once painted, I saw no evidence of flashing from either product; what do I mean by this? I define flashing as any discrepancy in the finish… the area filled may look dull through the finish coat of paint, or, even may look over shiny.


I have been using the Ready Mixed Interior/Exterior Filler as my general filler on my Hand Painted Kitchen projects, using it as my ‘workhorse’ filler product… similar to my findings with the Lightweight Filler, the consistency was beautifully smooth and very easy to apply, drying times were far quicker than expected and sanding has been easy and smooth and again NO flashing (see above).

Perhaps, if you’re finding it difficult to find Toupret these days, or if you’re in the market for a change of filler and are looking for a product that equals Toupret’s properties, then I can strongly recommend Prestonett. Give it a trial for yourself, I’m sure you’ll be impressed.

The following may help to find a Prestonett product that is similar to your existing fillers;

*Prestonett Interior Multipurpose Powder Filler = Toupret Le Reboucheur

*Prestonett Interior Quick Dry Powder Filler = Toupret TX110

Thank you Beissier for introducing me to Prestonett fillers, I’m a convert… Prestonett range of fillers are available for purchase from Holmans Specialist Paints and (amongst other outlets). For further information about my Hand Painted Kitchens & Furniture, please visit;


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