The Vest is Best!


I thought that it was about time that wrote a blog about the Wilco Brush Vest – I bought a number of them when Andy Cherry at started to stock them some months ago…  Brushes are an expensive commodity and lets face it, no one wants to find that their favour *3″ Picasso has been trashed!

Where these vests really score for me is; they protect the brush from general ‘knocks’, they keep the filaments straight and inline and they replace the cardboard sleeves – which, I’ve found, fall apart when they get damp.

How do I use them?

Wash out brush in warm soapy water, rinse and clean with Krud Kutter… finally rinse again, dry and place in Brush Vest, place in my brush box, ready for the next time I need it – perfect!

The Wilco Brush Vest is available in the following sizes from;

*2″ – Black, *2.5″– Red, *3″ – White, *4″ – Blue



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