Worcestershire TP Hand Painted Kitchen

My most recent Traditional Painter project; a Hand Painted Kitchen in Worcestershire. This kitchen is a rustic Avanti model that my client inherited when they bought their house a number of years ago. It has a well constructed frame and the doors are solid oak – after they moved a few units around, the layout works well for them… so, why buy new!? An average cost of a new solid oak kitchen of this size could be around £25,000+ (depending upon maker), a far more cost effective option is to have it hand painted – this is where I come in!


IMG_1792   IMG_1793   IMG_1794

After going through my usual routine of dust-free preparation and degreasing, the units were treated to two primer/undercoats of Pegaprim Isofix and two further coats of Tikkurila Feelings Furniture Paint, tinted, expertly by Holmans Specialist Paints, into F&B Tallow. Both paint types were applied with *Axus Lime Wood Finishing Rollers and *Picasso 2″ Bull to give a flawless finish.


IMG_1829   IMG_1831   IMG_1832

After I fitted new handles, that my client supplied, it looks a completely different kitchen… What a difference a week (or so) makes.


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