Lincrusta RD1650 – Little Boxes


Lincrusta is an incredibly versatile wall covering, extremely forgiving and a great material to “customise”. I’ve used Lincrusta pattern Georgian Panel RD1650, on a good few installations – each having their own particular needs.

There are two schools of thought for installing RD1650;

The first is to run the pattern continuously – you can see from the image above, this is what I’ve done in an Executive Box at Preston North End Football Club (see how the pattern finishes at the doorway)… the pattern is cut halfway through a box pattern. This is what I was briefed that my client wanted for this particular project.


The second, and my personal favourite, is to turn the Lincrusta into actual panels that fit fluidly around fixtures. If you enlarge the image above you will see that the panels have been cut to flow around the sill and also, because the picture rail was a fixed point the bottom panels have been slightly shortened to keep the integrity of the pattern; it’s subtle and very time consuming but balances the pattern beautifully.


In my opinion, the important part of the pattern is not actually the panel but is the ‘strap’ that runs around the panel. Wherever possible I keep the full width of the strap away from fixtures. Above is a detail where you can see this in action – I have kept a strap width away from the sill, which obviously means that I needed to alter the adjoining panels, this is done by mitring each joint; treating the ‘putty based’ Lincrusta in the same way that you would, if it were wood.


This concept also runs true for staircases, above you can see how I have decreased the width of the three vertical panels on the left, so that it fits the space available and created triangle panels below the angled dado panel and above the skirting on the ‘nib’ that runs down the half landing stairs… Lots of measurements are needed and also therefore a lot more time for the project. All considerations when costing out an RD1650 job.

STA60253One of the things that I love about Lincrusta is it’s heritage. Above you can see (on the left hand side) and original 1930’s example of RD1650 fits perfectly against the new on the right – my project was to run new panelling into an extended part of the house… Again, I have cut the factory panels and recreated new bespoke to allow the pattern to fit. (Notice the shaving of a slight angle into the top left hand corner of one of the ‘full panels’).


One last example; see above how a frame has been created around the light switch on the right hand side of the image; really gives a bespoke feel!

Lincrusta is my passion in the Painting & Decorating world… and hopefully this short post demonstrates how it is possible to take what is already the finest wall covering in the World and put your own signature on it.

For further examples of my Lincrusta work, please visit my main website;


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