Calling all “Kneelers” !!!

IMG_1863I just had to write a post about these little beauties – They are the Snickers 9191 XTR D30 Kneepads…

I’ve recently upgraded my workwear from the Dulux Excellence Range to Snickers; 0375 Painters One Piece and 3275 Painters Trousers and 1275 Softshell Painters Jacket, following personal recommendation from Traditional Painter Colleague and top chum; Wayne de Wet. It was great advice, I must say.

Being a great believer in looking after your joints – as Painting and Decorating can be quite a physical “sport”, I previously used the Shield kneepads for my Excellence workwear. When I upgraded, I ordered a pair of the 9191’s for additional protection for “me owd knees”.


As you can see from the image above, they slip perfectly into the Kneeguard pockets at the front of the Snickers painter trousers/”onsesie” – as you would expect from Snickers.

The 9191 is, apparently, extremely hardwearing and cut-resistant outer shell with advanced shock absorbing D3O® material on the inside that stiffens up on impact.

For a youtube video about the 9191 and the D3O® material, please follow this link

“Flexible when working, tough on impact. Active kneepads for active craftsmen, featuring shock-absorbing D3O® material for extreme protection and durability. Ready for the Snickers Workwear KneeGuard™ positioning system. EN 14404 (Type 2, Level 1).”



I thought that it might be useful to show the Snickers 9191 alongside my “old” kneepads, so that you can see from yourself the difference in dimension, construction and protection…

The 9191’s really are a great piece of kit – one that I am extremely happy to endorse. Go to and ask them to order a pair in for you, I don’t think you’ll regret it!


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