Prestigious Previous Projects No. 2 – Lincrusta


Lincrusta LogoNext in my series of Prestigious Previous Projects postings;

On a trip to China to demonstrate how to install and decorate Lincrusta. I took a 3 hour internal flight from an exhibition in Guangzhou to Shanghai to demonstrate to a room full of designers, decorators and sales personnel, in Euroart’s showrooms and offices, how to install RD 1961 Gothic Dado;

I stood in front of this large and intend gathering in a 4th floor, un-airconditioned, room listening to Lincrusta’s Brand Manager talk about heritage, durability and flexibility of the product… then, it was me – to be completely honest, I don’t remember too much of the 3 hour demonstration; my translator was doing a fantastic job – only pausing occasionally for me to breakdown technical terms. The rest was a blur of internal angles, external angles and trimming techniques… over my shoulder I could hear “oooo’s” and “ahhh’s”, so I’m hoping that the instructions hit home.

It was an honour to be invited to work for this great British Brand at such a distant location… I still dine out on it to this day (much to my families disgust and boredom!).

Key considerations when hanging Lincrusta;

  • If you are hanging on a porous substration – always line.
  • The substrate must be sound, dry and free of dust and grease.
  • Always allow the Lincrusta the appropriate time to soak.
  • Use a felt roller to apply pressure to the product.

For further information about my Lincrusta projects and installation experience, please visit;


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