Dyson DC34 – Further Dust-Free Prep



Introducing the latest addition to my dust-free preparation kit – the Dyson DC34 – a recent purchase, thanks to Traditional Painter Colleague Mark Nash, I noticed that Mark uses one in an article that he wrote about a Hand Painted Kitchen project in Clifton, Bristol. (If it’s good enough for Mark, it’s good enough for anyone!)

“the Dyson’s various small dust extraction tools get well into the small dust filled areas, leaving the door ready for priming and painting.”


Now, there is no way that it is going to replace my Mirka 915 Extractor system, but, invariably it is still necessary to manually hand prepare some surfaces or remove small amounts of dust that still persist on door moulding, etc,… the Dyson DC34 is perfect for these smaller dust-free tasks.


The DC34 weights a petite 1.33kg and has a load capacity of 0.35 litres. Dual power mode gives you two power options. 15 minutes of high, constant suction for longer tasks. Or 6 minutes on Boost mode for tougher cleans.


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