Coral Contractor

IMG_1938A short time ago I was invited by “Decorator Centre” – Nottingham, to review a few of their range of stock products. This is one of the brushes that they were interested in my opinion on, the Coral Contractor 2″ (50mm).

The brush is flagged as being Synthetic Filament, Flat Brush. It uses SRT filaments and has a hardwood handle. Apparently, the Coral Contractor range is “Designed for the value-concious professional”, and “delivers dependable, high quality products at affordable prices”…

Let me into the way that I tick; I really have little interest in price and cost, I’m more in to if a product works, or doesn’t. If a brush is on the shelf at £1000 but produces a finish that makes you weep with joy each time you use it and whoop with delight at it’s finish, then I would buy it… If a brush is £1, but is not worth taking out of it’s sleeve then, “What’s the Point!?”

Bearing this in mind, is this “Contractor” brush going to work for me???

OK, so here we go;

1. The handle “Quality Hardwood” – agreed. Fairly comfortable in the hand, well constructed – the shoulders did have a little bit of an end grain feel to them and my biggest gripe about the handle is that it has a satin finish on it… I personally prefer my brushes to be as nature intended! naked…

2. Ferrule. My usual observation; the ferrule was razor sharp, however, it is sited a decent distance from the shoulder, so my fingers were well away… but, when will the paint brush industry wake up to the fact that ferrules need to be finished better than they currently are (rant over grrrrr!)

3. Filaments. A good density, good ‘resistance’, good trim… I did experience 3 or 4 filament loss throughout the day. Loading and paint delivery was also good. Cut was also 90% accurate.

4. Balance. In the hand the brush (to me) feels head heavy and didn’t feel the easiest to use all day long.

5. Overall. 7/10. On the whole, I found it to be a pretty neat little brush, it’s well made and, if I’m honest, worked better than I was expecting… I did find the “operating instructions” on the back of the sleeve a little weird though;

“Before first use, comb the brush head to remove any residue. Immerse on third of the head into the coating and apply horizontal and vertical strokes to the surface progressing from the centre out. Finish with light vertical strokes over the entire surface”…

…there you go, that’s all it takes; can use brush – TICK! You are now a fully qualified Painter & Decorator!!! Ha!

For further information on the Coral Contractor and other products visit Decorator Centre.


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