Barley Twist and Shout!


After a long day hand-painting kitchens and furniture, there is nothing I like better than relaxing painting furniture… yes, I know… , it’s a curse!


Right, take one tatty oak barley twist table – (this one was snatched from the hands of my neighbour as they were going to throw it in a skip!!!) Purchase 1L of “Provence”, 500ml of Clear Wax and 500ml of Dark Wax from that rather smashing Annie Sloan, then attack, attack, attack!


This is definitely guerrilla furniture painting; still fighting with the concept of no preparation I get my trusty Picasso PIC4-2.0 and slap on a coat of Provence… great consistency, great opacity, great coverage (here’s the Deccy bit; if you overwork it, it will tear – so my tip; don’t overwork it…)


Once dry – no time at all – the next step is to apply a coat of Clear Soft Wax. Above is a shot of how it appears slightly darker when first applied… it does lighten off. Next is a coat of the Dark Soft Wax;


I wanted to give this piece a real “grubby” look… well, think that happened! as you can see I used the dark wax in areas that I felt would get the majority of “dirt” over a long life of use. If I’m honest, I was probably a little heavy handed with the dark wax, but hey – it was fun, my client is me and I like it.

IMG_1946This last shot shows my work colleague for the project; “Beau” the Boxer – in a household of five women, I have to get my male allegiances where I can!

This project took from initial head scratch to final ta dah! one hour!!! it has breathed life back into a piece of furniture that was going to be trashed and it gave me joy… 😀



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