Corona Kingston in Oil – Requested Review


Last week I was contacted by a Painter on Twitter, who asked me if I had used the Corona Kingston in Oil Based Paint… to my shame I’ve only used it in water bourn, click here to see my previous review – I said that I’d put it on “the list” and get back to him… so here we are;

A client of mine’s Daughter’s is getting married and will be leaving from his home – he asked me to spruce up the exterior in time for the celebrations… it’s not something that I commonly get involved with, but Customer Service is king, so I agreed and undertook the project.


Exterior woodwork was coated with Sikkens HLS Plus and Sikkens Cetol Filter 7 Plus and his previously painted, but tired, garage door was coated with Sikkens Rubol Primer Plus followed by Sikkens Rubbol XD Gloss – This is where the Corona Kingston came in;


I applied the solvent bourn coatings to the prepared, previously painted, garage door using both the Kingston and a Axus Decor Lime Wood Finishing Velvet Flock mini roller. The Lime roller naturally leaves a very fine surface, but after being “tipped” off with the 2″ Kingston, it was immaculate.

The Kingston behaved beautifully, in fact, I actually forgot that I was using it and just concentrated on the finish (the way that good painting should happen, in my opinion). It’s loading and delivery was quite remarkable and the finish from the 100% Chinex filaments was flawless. Honestly, as I’ve said in my previous posting, this really is workhorse of a brush, it takes everything that you throw at it in it’s stride. The hardwood beavertail handle still felt comfortable and the balance was still spot on for me.

Were there any areas that it lost marks on? Well, yes, if there is one thing that did let it down marginally, was it’s cut. I prefer an angled brush for cutting and I feel that the the Kingston didn’t give me the absolute precision of say a Picasso.

Overall, a solid 8/10

For further information, please visit Corona Brushes on the Traditional Painter website


3 thoughts on “Corona Kingston in Oil – Requested Review

  1. Chris

    Excellent review on the Corona Kingston brush by Marytn.
    Has a painter like many other i try and keep abreast of the new sundries,brushes and paint stuff that comes on the market.
    These days rather quickly.
    Now and again a brush or something will appear that little is known about or because few have really put them to the test,there again todays commercial advertising means some tools are left behind the well advertised tools and sometimes this is for the best.
    Tools in the shadows are usually the best !
    Great review and greatly enjoyed.Thanks Mr Guest….

    bwoy does it leave a cast.
    I have to yet only used it in WaterBased
    materials and knowing Mr Guesys love of tools i did ask him to trial it so to speak


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