Painter’s Pyramids


Just a quick post to shout out about these little gems, they are Painter’s Pyramids…

“The painter’s pyramid is a  simple concept. By supporting and raising a work piece off the bench or floor be it a chair, a door, a drawer front or anything else you can think of, the painter’s pyramid gives access to more than one face of the work at once. This makes staining, painting, varnishing and gluing much easier with no risk of the work getting stuck to pieces of newspaper or even the bench.

Due to the pyramid’s high density polymer composition, it is fully resistant to paints, stains and glues and will not lift or damage the newly finished or still wet surface once the piece is turned over totally eliminating the need for touch ups. This means that both sides of the project can be painted in one go without having to wait for one side to dry.

IMG_2258Simply place the work on the pyramids, paint the upper face only, leaving the sides bare at this stage. When that face is finished, hold the work by the sides, turn it over and replace the work on the pyramids wet face down. Then paint the new upper face and the sides. No mess, no fuss and no damage to the finish. Recently updated, the painters pyramids now feature a special lock and tab system.”

A great addition to any painter or furniture painter’s quiver… I bought mine from Axminster Tool Centre as a special offer bundle, the offer has since past, but they are still available from Axminster at a very reasonable price.

Since purchasing, I have stumbled across another Painter’s Pyramid review on


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