Erecta-Rack, Pre-blog


I’m so excited about this product and want to just give a short ‘pre-blog’ about it – those fine fellows at have brought the UK Painting & Decorating marketplace a truly awe-inspiring piece of kit; The *Erecta-Rack Pro Series 10.

Received this week to much excitement a black bag containing;

  • 40 Support Blocks
  • 20 40′ Pro-Series Support Bars
  • 4 Stabiliser Bars
  • 4 Stainless Steel Stabiliser Struts

As a dedicated Specialist Kitchen Painter, I am always looking for products and techniques that will make my painting process more efficient and effective (and profitable)… This lightweight, modular Erecta-Rack system will allow me to set up a dedicated drying area on site were I can confidently dry and store doors and trim. GENIUS!

Apparently, US Decorators have been singing it’s praises for years now… finally the UK has a chance to catch up!!!… thank you MPB

Keep your eyes pealed for my full blog and review about the *Erecta Rack PRO SERIES 10 system.


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