Cameoid Door Panel Restoration

photo 3

This was an interesting project that my Traditional Painter colleague Ron Taylor passed to me. Being a Lincrusta Specialist, he felt that this had all the attributes of a project that may interest me;

Apparently, whilst replacing a cold water storage tank in a Georgian apartment in Leamington Spa, my client’s plumber unfortunately “dropped” a cold water storage down a “Lincrusta” panelled interior door.

As you can see from the photograph above, quite a chunk of material was taken from the door – exposing the woodwork beneath.

I quickly identified the covering as being “Cameoid”, an early derivative of Lincrusta, that is pulp based rather than Putty.

I removed the door (all 8ft high of it) and repaired it at my workshop… going through a number of steps of cleaning, filling and shaping by hand, recleaning, refilling and reshaping.

For this project my filler of choice was Prestonett Quick Drying filler (the handy new 200ml tube version!)

photo-2Above you can see the fruits of my labour… the panel had a quick couple of coats of Tikkurila Otex and was delivered back to it’s home.

Enter two happy clients! when I got home from delivering and fitting the restored door, I received this email;

“Hi Martin, We are thrilled with the door repair – thank you so much. It is great for us to have such an amazing feature restored to it’s former glory”.

For further information about my work and how I go about it, please visit my website.

Martin Guest, Traditional Painter for South Birmingham, Hereford & Worcestershire


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