Hand Painted JMF Kitchen – Harborne


I am tremendously proud to be a part of the James Mayor Furniture team. I’ve been the JMF preferred Hand Painter for more years than I now care to mention and have worked on a number of prestigious projects for James. The project that you see above is a job in Harborne, Birmingham – being only 20 minutes away from my home…

As ever the fitter Adrian (Zorba to his JMF mates) and his assistant, had made an immaculate job of fitting the kitchen… as is my request, he doesn’t fill and allows me to fill as necessary (one of my OCD issues!) On day one, Zorba handed the kitchen over to me, noting any points that he feels I need to know about, any dates for further trades and to tell me about his trip to Iceland last week!!! (Not that i was at all jealous, amused or in the slightest interested… shhh I was, but don’t tell him!).


For those that are unaware, JMF furniture is primarily moisture resistant MDF in construction, some areas are solid wood, like the bottoms of end panels; solid oak – just incase there is a flood, water will not come into contact with the MDF!… it’s details like this that sets JMF apart from others…


Additionally, JMF offers a beautiful range of bespoke cabinet door/drawer furniture (pictured above are a chrome versions), they are extremely heavy weight and feel great in the hand!

The cabinetry is factory primed in a white finish – my general rule of thumb is; if it’s white, I paint it. my first task is to lightly sand the units with 320grit Mirka Abranet on my Mirka Ceros coupled to a Mirka 915 Extractor – “Dust-Free” sanding… dust is most certainly the enemy to the Kitchen Painter, so I am extremely careful to remove any dust from site. I also use Tack-cloths, Microfibre cloths and a Dyson handheld vacuum to remove and contain!


Generally, I apply 2 coats of Tikkurila OTEX high adhesion primer, applied with my beloved *FOX 16 Sash brush and a *FOX velvet mini roller. I “nib back” with 320 grit Abranet between coats and then apply the topcoats; Tikkurila Feelings Furniture Paint.

Once I have applied the first of the prime coats I like to fill with Prestonett *Lightweight filler, in my opinion it’s better to fill once there is a prime coat in place as it is easier to see the areas that require filling and also the filler tends to adhere more soundly to a prepared and correctly primed surface.


On the Thursday, I had to “down brush” for two hours whilst the granite worktops were installed… this really wasn’t a problem, I was able to marvel at how efficiently the fitters worked – really a top notch installation. Just check out the double drainer cut in the image above!


I handed over the completed Hand Painted Kitchen to my delighted clients. A fantastic project, five and a half days in total to complete… so proud of this one!

My thanks go to the JMF team, my privilege to work alongside with you, as ever!

For further information about my work and how I go about it, please visit my website.

Martin Guest, Traditional Painter for the West Midlands.


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