Hand Painted Kitchen – Kenilworth


This was Ron Taylor‘s Traditional Painter project in Kenilworth, Warwickshire. Ron was asked to paint Kitchen, Utility and Downstairs Cloakroom walls, ceilings, woodwork and doors, alongside Kitchen and Utility units… the timescale was tight – only being a week, so he pulled in a team to help him out. I was lucky enough to work the whole week with Ron, Scot Hindley and Charlie Budd both dropped during the week.

The walls and ceilings were treated to coats of Mathys Paracem Deco, a high opacity scrubbable matt emulsion – Ron seemed pretty impressed with how this product performed – I’m sure in the fullness of time, once further and full trials have been undertaken Ron will pen a blog.

My function was to Hand Paint the Kitchen alongside Ron… the kitchen was originally Hand Painted seven years ago and was rather tired. The finish that the original painter had left wasn’t the best (to say the least) and the paint that he had used was extremely questionable; it appeared to be a “Cream” acrylic base that when flattened down melted and smeared.

Once preparation had been undertaken; degreasing and dust free sanding. The high adhesion Primer coats were applied – Tikkurila OTEX, expertly tinted to the top coat colour by Holman Specialist Paints.


Top coats paint for this project was new to me; Tikkurila Helmi in a matt finish. I had previously heard about this product and had seen that some of my Traditional Painter colleagues had already used it to great effect. I usually use Tikkurila Feelings Furniture paint, a satin finished specialist furniture paint.


I was incredibly impressed with the way that the Helmi behaved, leaving a beautiful finish that is matt when you look at it straight on, but having a slight sheen at an angle.


The finished project was a real credit to Ron, he selected top-notch materials and drove the project at a pace – the clients returned from holiday to a beautifully painted kitchen and utility area. It was a privilege to work alongside such professionals (a rare opportunity)… i’m looking forward to further collaborative projects in the future.

For further information about my work and how I go about it, please visit my website.

Martin Guest, Traditional Painter for the West Midlands.


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