Hand Painted Kitchen – Staffordshire

The starting point for this Hand Painted Kitchen project in Staffordshire was solid oak doors and   laminate frame… my client decided that he wanted a change and didn’t fancy all of work necessary to remove his existing kitchen and have it replaced with a new one…



He contacted me to ask if it was possible to paint it – as with many of my clients, he was happy with the way that the kitchen worked and also felt that it was well made.


He picked his colour and I had the equivalent colour mixed into Tikkurila Paint bases, by Holman Specialist Paints; I have found Tikkurila to be far superior to any other furniture paint – it has proven to be extremely abrasive and chip resistant… the Scandinavians really understand paint finishes.


Following dust-free preparation and degreasing, I applied the prime coats of Pegaprim Isofix mixed to the final colour… nibbing down between coats. Following top coats of Tikkurila Feeling Furniture paint I fitted new handles – supplied by my client.


For further information about my work and how I go about it, please visit my website.

Martin Guest, Traditional Painter for the West Midlands.


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