Cinema Room – Sevenoaks

For years now it has been said that a Kitchen can add the wow factor to your home, it’s often the key room in which to invest time, effort and money. However, in houses of a certain stature, another room is becoming desirable and ever popular – the Cinema Room.


This particular James Mayor Furniture (JMF) project was in a beautiful and extremely spacious seven bedroom property in Sevenoaks, Kent. I’ve been fortunate enough to work previously on a number of occasions, Hand Painting JMF bespoke furniture in Bedrooms, Dressing Rooms, Drawing Rooms, Playroom, etc, etc. and now the Cinema Room.



The area itself was extremely spacious, measuring approximately 20ft x 40ft. My brief from JMF’s Interior Designer was to Hand Paint the furniture that housed the technology at the front of the room, the kitchenette (complete with sliding doors) and banquette (seating and storage to the rear of the room)…


As a beautiful design feature, walnut panelling was used on the furniture, in addition to the initial brief, I was asked to hang fine wallpaper in the same style – to cut (splice) a corresponding wallpaper to form a strong horizontal stripe around each wall of the room; to line up precisely with the walnut strip on the furniture.



Not, one challenge (to cut paint into a bevel edge of the walnut panels), but two (to splice two fine papers together – accurately – over a large area!!!

IMG_0037 IMG_0039


In my blog articles I often talk about how welcome I am made by my clients – this project was no different. In fact, my clients allowed me, very kindly, to stay at their fabulous home during the project… what a treat! I was able to work and stay in a beautiful environment and be warmly welcomed into their family life!


Now that I have finished my part of the project, enough technology to sink a battleship has been installed by an award winning AV company… next will be beautiful worktops installed by my preferred worktop supplier (although located in Wolverhampton, they will template and fit anywhere in the UK).

For further information about my work and how I go about it, please visit my website;





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