Guest Article – Mandy Farmer – Bespoke Kitchen Mosaic Specialist

Mandy Farmer is a Bespoke kitchen mosaic specialist offering breathtaking one-of-a-kind mosaic splashbacks, also bespoke mosaic kitchen and bathroom floors and walls, vaulted ceilings. Visit her site to find how a piece of individual artwork could further enhance your Hand Painted Kitchen project.

Mandy will be writing a series of Guest articles to appear here, upon my blog, demonstrating a complete project – from concept through to completion. This is her second article;

Mosaic Blog. 9/12/14

After my client has reached a decision on the mosaic design I have got down to the most time consuming task of cutting the hundreds of mosaic pieces needed for the design, all by hand.

The materials we have decided on are a mixture of striated and iridescent bizzaza glass, smalti and gold leaf smalti, with a tiny piece of millefiori as a starting point.

My clients want a focal piece behind the stove that would work as a practical splash back but that is something unique. It also had to hold it’s own against the sparkling granite composite they have had installed as a work and island surface.

A custom-made mosaic piece is a great choice and a ‘cosmic’ theme

has been decided on, a sort of big bang moment captured in glass.

Because they want a surface to catch the light and have some texture, the clients have opted for the ‘indirect method’. This means I will be applying the cut glass directly onto the board with small amounts of cement, each piece applied individually. In this case Wedi board is being used as a surface because it is lightweight and can be applied directly to the clients newly plastered wall with tiling cement once completed.

Mosaic Kitchen Splashback materials blog 2-3

The images here show they different types of glass and surfaces I would normally work with. I have chosen a mix of striated, opalescent, iridescent and gold glass and smalti in a range of blue to purple black tones.

The andamenti I am using is called Circulatum with gold leaf elements in a ‘granulated’ surface pattern design that will catch the light beautifully.

After drawing the outline of the design on the wedi board, I cut all the pieces by of glass and smalti hand first, a very long process. Whilst the circular pattern is still very small the pieces have to be cut into little flower pot shapes to create a fairly even ‘grout-line’ gap, if this wasn’t done the mosaic would have ugly uneven gaps, a classic rookie mistake! I then shape them individually as needed once I start applying them to the board. Some pieces are so tiny they have to be applied with tweezers.

Well, plasters at the ready, I’m back to the cutting.

For further details about Mandy’s fantastic artwork, please visit her website or follow this link for a pdf of her Mosaics and commissions.


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