Hand Painted Kitchen – West Midlands

This project, near Stourbridge, really is the epitome of the Traditional Painter ethos… I was emailed photographs of my client’s Kitchen and told that she would like to have it painted; was that possible??? The Kitchen was in good order, the layout worked well and my client didn’t want to go to the further expense and disruption of having a new kitchen fitted.


Once I started the project, I found that the Kitchen had in fact had a previous life; being my client’s parents Kitchen and had been re-homed into my client’s house, when they’d bought a new kitchen for themselves… my client lived with the “wooden finish” for a year or so, before deciding to call me in to Hand Paint it to give her “her own” new Kitchen… this was to be the third incarnation of the same Kitchen!


The same level of protection, preparation and care is taken on all my project work, whether large or small; all work surfaces and flooring were covered with lining paper and all worktop edges are taped to avoid any potential risk damage. Disruption is kept to a bare minimum!


Being a wooden Kitchen my usual system was employed; clean down all surfaces to eradicate grease, sand the substrate to prepare ready for paint (using my “dust-free” sanding system) and apply the base coats of Pegaprim Isofix tinted to the final coat colour.


The top coats for this project were expertly tinted and supplied by Holman Specialist Paints, into a Tikkurila Helmi base – which in this instance was a matt finish (5% sheen level). New door furniture was fitted to give a real new Kitchen feel.


The one aspect that did vary from the usual for me, was that the brushes used were brand new into the UK – by the Dutch manufacturer Staalmeester, available from www.mypaintbrush.co.uk… for this project I used the *2010 series, which is a round topped sash brush, following the traditional Dutch style of construction.


I was very impressed by the brush, in this initial test, and look forward to using them further on future projects! – I intend to write a more comprehensive review article once I have put them thoroughly through their paces.


For further more information about my work and how I go about it, please visit my website; handpainted.kitchen Martin Guest, Traditional Painter for the West Midlands.


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