Guest Article – Mandy Farmer – Bespoke Kitchen Mosaic Specialist

Mandy Farmer is a Bespoke kitchen mosaic specialist offering breathtaking one-of-a-kind mosaic splashbacks, also bespoke mosaic kitchen and bathroom floors and walls, vaulted ceilings. Visit her site to find how a piece of individual artwork could further enhance your Hand Painted Kitchen project.

Mandy has been writing a series of Guest articles that have appeared here, on my blog, demonstrating a complete project – from concept through to completion. This is her third and final article (first article, second article) – showing the finished product;

Mosaic Blog. 8/4/15


This is the completed custom-made mosaic splash back for clients that wanted the stove area in their new kitchen to be a focal point. The challenge was to brighten up the area behind the range as it was in a dark corner of the kitchen. Consultation about materials, colour and design took place and one of the considerations was that the piece would ‘stand up’ to the dramatic black sparkling granite work surfaces.


After creating sample drawings and showing my clients the options of materials (glass, ceramic, marble, hand cut smalti, gold and silver leaf smalti, matt, striated, iridescent tesserae etc) they decided to go with a colour and theme that matched a beautiful Raku Ceramic bowl (by Artist Pete Sparrey) that was to be displayed in the kitchen. The effect of the stunning Raku bowl glaze was like a view of the cosmos so this is what became the reference point for the finished design.


The technique used to create the mosaic is called the ‘direct’ method. Essentially the mosaic pieces are laid directly onto the cemented surface in a slightly uneven way so the light becomes refracted when viewed from certain angles or under overhead lighting. This creates a more three-dimensional effect than other methods and creates a ‘sculptural’ effect that reflects the light well.

The clients are very happy with the piece and having lived with it for some months have found it to be practical (wipe clean surface) but more importantly it is also a talking point. They said “ We are delighted to have what we consider to be another work of art in our living space, that has been created in collaboration with us and which has now become a striking focal point in our lovely new kitchen”

For further details about Mandy’s fantastic artwork, please visit her website or follow this link for a pdf of her Mosaics and commissions.

I would like to thank Mandy for writing these articles for my blog – it’s great to have the occasional change from Hand Painted Kitchens and product reviews… I look forward to more in the future!


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