Hand Painted Kitchen – Harborne, Birmingham

This project, in a leafy suburb of Birmingham, was quite sizeable and required a good deal of preparation… My clients were undertaking a sizeable renovation of their property and the kitchen was the last room that they had left to tackle. They had rightly identified that the kitchen was in good order – a varnished solid oak example – well worth investing time and effort into.


After undertaking much online research they decided (and rightly so) that I was the best man for the job – being Traditional Painter member for the West Midlands… an invitational network of Hand Painted Kitchen Specialists, spanning the whole Country.


Once my quotation had been accepted, the project was booked into my schedule – most Traditional Painter members are booked up for a good few months in advance… so always factor in a little waiting time – good things are always worth waiting for!


The focus on day one is to protect my clients property; all work tops are covered with Wall Rock fibre lining paper – it’s extremely strong and very difficult to tear, so great for covering over delicate, polished surfaces and flooring. The edges of the black granite worktops are also further protected with 3M tape… hobs are covered over with polythene sheeting.


Once everything is covered and protected, attention turns to degreasing and preparation. I used a couple of products, both manufactured by Fluxaf. With the degreasing complete, all surfaces to be painted were then sanded using my Dust-Free system; I use a number of different top-end sanders coupled to extractors that remove 99.9% of dust from the atmosphere, great for my respiration and great for the project too!!!


The wooden surfaces were then all “washed down” with methylated spirits to further clean and open the grain ready for the first coats of paint; Pegaprim Isofix tinted to the topcoat colour – in this case an equivalent colour to “Pavilion Gray”. In-between coats I cut-back with 320 grade Abranet abrasives ready for the top coats of Tikkurila Feelings Furniture Paint (semi-matt). Skilfully applied with a range of brushes that I have developed myself called “the Fox“, available exclusively from mypaintbrush.co.uk

Once dry, the kitchen was reassembled – all doors were re-hung and new door furniture was installed… all protection was taken up, for the final “ta-dahhhhh!”


What a fantastic and total transformation; my clients were over-the-moon with the result:

“Our kitchen was the last major room left to renovate in our house, understandably we were torn between working with the units that were already there or to have them replaced.

Choosing to repaint them and to ask Martin to do them was undoubtably the best solution.

From the initial conversation on talking about our project, his depth of knowledge and passion for his craft came through clearly. This followed through in his completing our kitchen to an amazing standard. Throughout the process Martin was polite, trustworthy and very considerate to working around our family schedule.

We would recommend Martin without hesitation as he is a true professional and craftsman.”

For more information about my work and how I go about it, please visit my website; handpainted.kitchen Martin Guest, Traditional Painter for the West Midlands.


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