Hand Painted Kitchen – Hopwas, Tamworth

This Hand Painted Kitchen project, located in Hopwas, Tamworth, was a repaint of a painted kitchen – previously painted by someone calling themselves a “Hand Painted Kitchen Specialist”… my clients contacted me saying that they had their kitchen painted 2 years ago and that the paint was coming away from the substrate.


Upon inspection, the kitchen was suffering from “Saponification“, simply put; the paint turns into a soft, soap-like substance which can be easily scratched from the substrate – the reason being that the previous painter obviously hadn’t taken the time and trouble to degrease and prepare the substrate before painting… no surprise, apparently he only took 2.5 days to complete the whole of the project… didn’t even bother protecting my client’s floor, worktop or appliances – shocking from someone with “20 years experience”…


Luckily my clients found Traditional Painter and contacted me to rectify this poor workmanship; something that I relished!!!


First off, we protected all work surfaces and floors with Wall Rock 55 lining paper – a superior non woven lining paper that is extremely strong and “resistant” to tearing. Work surface edges were further protected from potential damage with 3M 2090 masking tape. The Britannia Range was also covered with polythene sheeting.


Once satisfied that all areas are fully protected, we degreased thoroughly with various Fluxaf products and scraped away as much of the affected paint as possible. Next, the substrate was sanded back to the wood; Maple incidentally, with our “Dust-Free” sanding system and then further cleaned with methylated spirit.


The paint system that we undertook for this particular project was solid coats of pre-tinted Pegaprim Isofix followed by coats of Tikkurila Feelings Furniture Paint tinted to the equivalent colour of “Tallow”.


The finished, repainted, kitchen was stunning and massively different to the finish that I found on the first day of the project – it is amazing the difference that taking your time and doing a job properly makes to the finish of a project!


My clients were amazed by their “new” kitchen;


“Very many thanks for the job you did hand painting our kitchen. Having had it painted before by someone else without much success, I was initially quite nervous about having it done again. Any concerns I may have had were immediately dispelled from the moment you came in.

Not only were you a very personable and engaging person but the quality of your work was far above what I was hoping for. The preparation work from protecting and masking surrounding areas to the degreasing and dust free sanding of the units was way superior to anything I have seen before.

The paintwork looks more like a spray finish than hand finish – quite exceptional and nothing was left to chance and your attention to detail staggering and, what’s more, my dog loved you.

Highly recommended.”

For more information about my work and how I go about it, please visit my website; handpainted.kitchen Martin Guest, Traditional Painter for the West Midlands.


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